The text and pictures below are published here to answer two questions we are often asked:

  • How to make sure that a certain set of ALVALINE kitchen furniture is not a fraud;
  • How to make sure that my kitchen furniture set was really manufactured by BELGRO factory in Grodno (Belarus).

 That’s easy. Find our trademark sticker and to look at the brand marks on hinges and drawers.

Our trademark sticker is a piece of metallized plastic with a laser engraving on it. All the kitchen furniture sets manufactured by our factory are supplied with such a sticker.

The sticker is always placed at the back side of the door of the largest upper cupboard, between hinges. If the set contains a curio cabinet, the sticker shall be placed at its door.

Another fraud protection factor is branded INNOTECH HETTICH drawers and BLUM hinges with branded plugs*:

Mind that if your kitchen is equipped with nonstandard drawers and hinges, they are usually not branded.

So if you want to make sure your kitchen furniture is really a BELGRO product – have a look at the largest upper cupboard (inner side of the left door), drawers and hinges.

* We use trademark stickers, branded drawers and hinges since the middle of 2014. So if your kitchen furniture set had been manufactured before that – the lack of a trademark sticker and non-branded drawers and hinges don’t mean it’s a fraud.